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Netting sheet End winding up machine

Introduction of Border Reinforcement Machine:
Border Reinforcement End winding up machine is a new production which is designed and manufactured by ourselves. It is one of main devices in double twisted hexagonal netting producing line. It is located in the back of netting cut machine in producing line. It can use either in double twisted hexagonal netting producing line or in some places it is used single according user's demand.

The wires of double twisted hexagonal netting which was straightened and cut must be deal in especial craftwork by the machine, i.e. having the end of double twisted hexagonal netting winded up. The netting and the sides of netting winded by the machine are in order and firm.

Netting wire diameter: ≤3mm
Working width: 4000 mm
Output: 10times/min
Motor power: 3 KW
Rotate speed motor control: 1000r/min
Range controller adjust: clockwise rotate 306°-720°
Anti-clockwise rotate 180°-360°, height of front side: 860 mm
Allover size (length x width x height): 3800x800x1240 (mm)


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