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Netting Sheet Straightening Machine

Netting Sheet Straightening Machin/Auto Gabion mesh Straightening and flatting cutting  machine;

Gabion mesh straightening machine is used to make the gabion mesh surface more flat. 
Gabion mesh straightening machine is provided by one set of 11KW electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, which transmitting the power to the upper and lower pressing wheels by reducer, double rows of chain wheels and gear set, and the space between the upper 

Roller length: 4300mm
Press roller dia.:200mm
Press plate thickness range: 3mm-10mm
Press plate width range: 0mm-4300mm
Press roller length: 4300mm
Main components: rubber roller: the plastic glue depth is 10mm.
Material type: plastic coating mesh
Quantity of rubber rollers: 9 pieces (4 on the upper and 5 on the lower)
Main motor: 11KW electromagnetic speed-regulating motor (it could be forward and also back-forward)
Speed regulating range: 125~1250r/min
Reducer: BWD5-43 Speed ratio: 1:43
Lead screw elevator: SWL2.5-6-1-B-111-150-F
Transmission ration of worm gear and worm bar: 1:6
The stroke distance of the worm: 1.0mm


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